Ways to Pay Rent

1.  Zelle

Forget running to the ATM or mailing a check. With Zelle, you can send money safely and easily to pay your rent. Click the link to see the 3 easy steps to send a payment.

2.  PayPal

To pay rent online, you will need to add a 3% fee.  To calculate this, take the amount of rent you want to pay and multiple it by .03.  For example, if your rent is $350 you would add a fee of $10.50 (350 x .03 = 10.50).  So you would pay a total of $360.50 (350 + 10.50 = 360.50).  Please ask Scott if you have any questions.

3.  Automatic Bill Pay

Set me up as a payee in your online bank account or bill pay service.  All you have to do is enter my name like any other business in your online payment option.  For the account, please note your address for the account number.  Next, you will need to enter our P.O. Box address and the bill pay will automatically send me a check.  You can set up recurring payments if you wish.

4.  Mail a Check

Send a check or money order.  Please make the check payable to Scott Maslanka and send it to:

P.O. Box 36, Schoolcraft, MI 49087